Meder & Me – Golf Outing

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of playing my favorite sport, golf. It was a picture-perfect 75 degrees, not an ounce of humidity, with a slight, cool breeze – better known as a golfer’s paradise. But the weather wasn’t the reason this particular round was so enjoyable. Sunday’s round was so much fun because my friend, John Meder, came along.

Many moons ago, John gave golf a try, and quickly realized it wasn’t for him. However, he likes watching golf, so when I asked him if he’d like to drive the cart and watch me play, he said, “of course.” So off we went…

Since John is a fellow radio personality like myself, I figured it’d be fun to have him commentate while I play. AND BOY, he took to it like a fish to water… With my smartphone in hand, John was describing the setting, asking how would hit each shot, and building the moment like he was Verne Lundquist of CBS Sports on the 16th green at Augusta.

Lucky for me, I was playing better than expected – I made the turn at +2. As we made our way through the back 9, John had me cracking up and shaking my head because he kept saying “Pinson’s putting from 40 yards away” and I’d quickly shout back “FEET JOHN, FEET!” John would start laughing and saying he’d get it right by the 19th hole.

As we approached the 16th hole, I told John THIS was my NEMESIS hole. This stupid, dog-leg right par 4 always gave me trouble off the tee and ruined many good rounds. Sure enough, I pulled my drive into the bushes and had to take an unplayable lie. Unfortunately, on my next shot, I mistook my 6-iron for my 3-iron and came up well short of the green. Eventually, I finished the hole with an infuriating triple-bogey 7…
Realizing my shot at breaking 80 had now become more of challenge than I wanted, I steadied myself and parred 17. Now for the BIG finish…

The finishing hole at Golf Hammock is a tough par 5 that requires an accurate drive over water. Once you’re in the fairway, it’s a straight shot to the green. So after splitting the fairway, I laid up, and popped my 3rd shot just short of the green. My chip shot ran about 5 feet passed the pin, which meant I had a testy putt for par. Knowing I could 2 putt and break 80 took a lot of pressure off me. As John softly spoke, building the moment until my putter met the ball, I was thinking how cool this entire experience had been. When my ball rolled passed the left edge, I felt disappointed because I hadn’t finished off the round in style, but John smiled as I shook his hand and commented how much fun the day had been.

Perfect weather, solid play, and friends sharing a few smiles during a round of golf made this experience one I’ll never forget.

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