Happy Thanksgiving – Sports Style!!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to celebrate everything we have and everything we’re grateful for. From our health and family to our job and pets, we have SO MUCH to appreciate! And since you know I’m a sports lovin’ junkie – what more could I appreciate besides the aforementioned than sports – especially on Thanksgiving!!

Since I was brought home from the hospital, sports have always been front-and-center in my life. I spend day after day, hour after hour immersed in sports in some capacity. As a kid, I’d play any sport you could think of with my friends from the crack of dawn till the street lights came on. If I was by myself, I’d either play Tecmo Super Bowl or Ken Griffey Jr. ’94 on my Super Nintendo, and practice my play by play skills. Now, I comb through articles and websites preparing to host my own, daily 2-hour sports talk show.

Yesterday afternoon, while everyone was cooking, catching up with relatives, and maybe stealing a deviled egg or two, the Chicago “Monsters of the Midway” Bears showed up to Ford Field in Detroit to take on the “hapless” Lions. This was the first of three contest featured on Turkey Day.

Even without their regular starting quarterback, the Bears managed to claw their way to victory over their N.F.C. North Division rival 23-16. Thanks in part to their ferocious defense – which came up with the go-ahead pick 6 and clinching interception late in the 4th quarter – Chicago moves to 8-3 and remains atop the division in first place.

At 4 o’clock, the Redskins and Cowboys took center stage in Dallas with the division lead hanging in the balance. Washington was also without it’s regular starting quarterback, but unlike the Bears, the Redskins couldn’t overcome the glaring weakness and Dallas won 31-23. Both teams are now 6-5, and tied for the N.F.C. East division lead. Dallas has won three straight games, while Washington has lost it’s last 2. Without a proven signal caller to rally the ‘Skins, my money is on Dallas to win the division.

The night cap contest of Thanksgiving Day came courtesy of the team in the Big Easy. The New Orleans Saints hosted their N.F.C. South Division rival – the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons DESPERATELY needed to win this showdown to have any shot at getting back in the Wildcard race for the postseason. Instead, the Saints put those thoughts to bed as they pounded the Falcons 31-17. The Saints won their 10th game in a row and are arguably the best team in the NFL. You may see them in February…

I hope you enjoyed my recap and reflective thoughts on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Check back next week to read my newest article – “The Game”

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