Axe Throwing Fun

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of trying out a new activity – axe throwing…. and it was AWESOME!!

Think darts, but a heck of a lot more fun!!

My girlfriend’s dad turned 60 on Saturday, so we celebrated his birthday by visiting Axe Throwing Orlando. It’s an incredible hole-in-the-wall spot in downtown Orlando, that lets you throw hand axes at a HUGE wooden target!!

My girlfriend had already been before and kept telling us we had to go. So we finally did, and man…it was a blast!!

After you sign the safety waiver – you’re throwing axes, so you know stuff happens – you follow a coach to your station, and they show you everything from safety and technique, to fun party games. It takes a few throws to get the technique down, especially if you played sports like baseball, football, or tennis, because you aren’t supposed to snap your wrist (which can be a little frustrating to pick up at first).

Once you have that down to a science, they teach the two-handed throw, and that really lets you hurl it with some power. We ended up playing 2 games – highest score after 10 throws and a throw off with the cornhole scoring system. The Birthday boy ended up winning BOTH games! He edged me by 1 point on our 10 throws, and he outlasted everyone on the second game.

We all had a great time and couldn’t believe how fast time flies when you’re chucking axes. Oh, and it’s a good workout too! If you haven’t used your lats in while, you’ll definitely feel it the next day!
Check out Axe Throwing Orlando if you want a cool, new activity you won’t get bored trying!

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