Tiger Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Sunday afternoon, Tiger Woods holed his final putt to win the Masters, and officially complete his LONG OVERDUE comeback.

The moment was everything die-hard and casual golf fans had waited for. As Tiger triumphantly raised his hands above his head, you could just feel his overwhelming burden lifted, as feelings of unbridled happiness, pride, and I think RELIEF, poured out of the man who once was the true GOLD STANDARD of modern golf.

While that moment was incredibly special, it truly pales in comparison to the moment that took place just a few minutes after Woods tapped in to win his 5th Masters….

As Tiger walked off the 18th green, he high-fived a number of fans who couldn’t stop screaming with excitement at what they just witnessed. He had the biggest grin on his face, and rightly so, for a person who had just accomplished what so many said couldn’t be done, but the thrill of victory wasn’t the main reason he was smiling.

Rushing toward the newly crowned champion, with an equally giant grin, was Tiger’s 10 year-old son, Charlie. As he charged full speed ahead at the man he called, dad, Tiger opened his arms as wide as he could, and the two embraced in the biggest bear-hug you’d ever see.


I was immediately sent back in time to 1997, when Tiger won his first Masters, and watched he and his father, Earl, embrace in a tearful bear-hug. The father-son combo who had spent infinite hours honing Woods’ game to realize that moment was soul stirring. And right on cue, CBS put up the footage of that exact moment in time to remind fans how special these precious insights are.

I’ve played golf for more than two decades, and it’s all thanks to the man I call, dad. We’ve shared good rounds, bad rounds, sunrises, sunsets, and most importantly…quality bonding time. I couldn’t imagine spending time with my dad doing anything else. So when Tiger and his son shared THAT MOMENT, you’d have thought I was sitting in an onion cutting factory.

Now that Tiger captured his 5th Masters, and 15th Major Championship, the debate has reignited about how many more he’ll win and will he eventually catch and surpass Jack Nicklaus. And while all that jazz is fun to debate with your buddies, there’s no debate about how special, and meaningful it is to spend time with family.

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